Birth story part II

… I was discharged around noon on Saturday and I specifically remember feeling very annoyed and just out of sorts. I wasn’t necessarily happy to be home; I wanted to get right back to my normal life. But I didn’t feel right. The first night was fine in terms of Isaac. I got up a lot but I don’t really remember feeling tired. Sunday, my mom decided that they were going to go home, even though they’d planned to stay until Tuesday. I think my dad was stressed about something and that made my mom freak out and begin her Chinese water torture ways of picking at every little thing and that made me annoyed by it, etc… It was a relief when they were gone but by 5 PM, the true hardship of suddenly having TWO CHILDREN came crashing down upon us. Dinner plans were interrupted and Elliot acted up and I suddenly began having chills and felt awful. The chills progressed and my fever spiked;  I ached. I called doctors for help but all I got was shuffled from recording to on-call nurse who told me to take Tylenol. Gee, thanks! That’s why you make the big bucks, eh? SO…

Chills the entire night; I kid you not. Since Ash was home with me Monday, he got Elliot off to daycare and I admitted that I needed to be seen. My doctor’s office had no actual doctors IN the office so they sent me to triage… where I waited an hour. And just as I was feeling like death warmed over, we actually saw one of my friends. UGH. But she was also in for a bad thing; hadn’t felt her 20 week twin boys move in a few days and was leaking some kind of fluid. So just as I thought my life was total shit, I realized that it can always be worse. Luckily, she was just fine. For me, however, I spent about 6 hours in triage with an iv and antibiotics. I had a temp of 102.8!

Let me tell you: taking care of a newborn and being sick is the ultimate suck. I didn’t care about anything. My brain produced horrifying dreams. My body buzzed in weird ways and convulsed with the chills so bad I couldn’t stay still if I tried. Luckily, all that seems to have passed now. I had a follow-up appointment today with the same doc I saw Monday and she listened to my lungs; thinks I could have been headed down the road to pneumonia but the antibiotics should be warding all that off now.

The first week of Isaac’s life has been very difficult for me and I feel terrible that I was not able to give him the attention he really deserved. I can move forward now and really enjoy this maternity leave and my new son.

2 thoughts on “Birth story part II

  1. Bless you for not stretching the birth story out all week. I hate when bloggers do that! I do not like to wait! 🙂

    I’m so sorry you felt/feel so awful. That can’t make it easy, but I’m glad you are now on the mend. Wish I was there to watch the boys and let you sleep/relax/whatever.

    He has the best darn onesies, that kid!

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