Soon, he’ll be going off to college

I think just about every day, Elliot does something – grows in some way – that reminds me just how quickly kids grow up.

We’ve been getting his new room ready for quite some time. The painting is done except for some touch up here and there, the toys are in the bins and organized best as we can figure.  Bed is made with the Spider Man sheets and it’s  habitable. Except for the curtains, I feel like it’s complete. As of a few weeks ago, I was the one making the big push to get him sleeping in there. We have slightly over 2 months (maybe even less) until there’s a new baby around here and Elliot really needs to become acclimated to his new space.

Last night, on a whim, Ash decided it was time to take the leap.  We got him all ready as usual and he was pretty pumped about being in his bed. He grasped the concept and was happy to have us both in there for story time. But once the light went out, he wailed. It was the real crying, not this fake stuff he pulls to get his way. He got out of bed and tried to leave the room. We calmed him down and put the nightlite in a different outlet so it produced more light. After maybe five minutes, he was relatively sedated and staying in bed. He cried a little after we left but it was quiet sobbing. And then, silence.

Honestly, the process was probably harder on us than him. For the first hour, we tip-toed around the house and kept the TV volume low. I kept wondering if he was going to fall out of the bed in the night and wake up crying and distraught. Would that bed be comfortable? Would he see his toys and get up to play? Around 11, I placed my ear to his door and heard his breathing, a slight baby snore. And though I woke up multiple times in the night (mostly to pad my way to the bathroom) I kept wondering if he was OK. The alarm went  off at 6 and what do you know; he was awake but still in bed and made it through just fine.

This doesn’t mean tonight will be the same but it was a victory. I am sure at some point in the near future, I will look back and remember fondly a time when he was easily placed in a crib and confined to that space. But I’ll look down at him in his big boy bed and feel an overwhelming sense of pride that he’s growing up.

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