Crap, all day long

Yesterday was full of things I REALLY didn’t want to do/deal with. It started with Todd taking a dump right in front of me in the living room. He’s normally my best dog but the reason he did this was because he went outside but he was so busy getting into cat shit that he didn’t do his business. Sigh.

Next, there was the Great Diaper Blow-out of 2010. I opened Elliot’s door around ten til 7 – when he’s normally already awake – to see if I could rouse him. And that is when I smelled it: unmistakably, a very full diaper. I went ahead and started running the bath at that point. When I got all ready and went into his room, he was on his side and I could see the extent of the damage. So we had to peel off his PJs, wipe up about 5 pounds of poo – interspersed with raisins, mind you – and get him in the tub. That smell will NOT come off with wipes alone. Luckily, I was in the right frame of mind to deal with this and he didn’t fuss too much either. So, once bathed we got ready and headed off to daycare and work and the day began.

It may surprise you to know that there are a select few people in this department I don’t much care for. Two of them called me yesterday with – and I know they say these don’t exists – stupid questions. Ugh. Then I had to work on scheduling things for Fall and all kinds of other junk. Somewhere in there I went to class and had seven out of 26 students miss workshop day. I really hope that being hungover after the Superbowl was not their excuse. Especially since my class is at 11:15. I could forgive them an eight AM.

For lunch, I had Campbell’s Chunky chicken corn chowder. It was ok. Just not what I wanted. And I tend to get down if I eat something that’s dissatisfying.

I left work a little early to go look at carpet with Ash. I am sad to admit this was the high point of my day. It took all of about ten minutes to find a piece that matched Elliot’s existing room and since we went to this place before, the guy cut us a deal. They didn’t have a big enough remnant so he gave us some from a roll that was $2.99 a square foot and he only charged us $1.12. Score! It’s being installed as we speak! Pics soon to follow.

So anyway, Ash and I got The Boy after that and went home, where I had to deal with the usual Monday chaos. Mondays are Poop Patrol days so I got a Solo cup and gather all the dog bombs in the yard. I consider this a courtesy to the guys who come over to rock climb. With that all done, I let The Boy loose to “wock cwimb” with Ash and what do you know: he found what must have been the last remaining pile in the yard. Sigh. So my day began and ended with poop.

I then made dinner, which Elliot relished until he realized that he really only wanted the noodles – the “mac n cheese” he kept saying – and stopped eating the rest, crying for more when there was none to be had. He was pretty good after that and for bath time and I managed to get a couple floors vacuumed and wash two out of the three dogs. But by then, I was hurtin’. My back started to ache and I began to feel bitter that I had to deal with all this annoying stuff all day and I’m pregnant, dammit. So I vowed that once Ash and I finished getting the room empty so that the carpet could go in today, I was going to go to TCBY, get an Oreo Shiver and then eat it in the tub. Alas, we finished and I passed out – I kid you not – about 5 seconds after I laid down.

So today, without fail, I am going to eat me some TCBY. There’s a staff meeting – ugh – but they’re serving us Pitaria so the chicken pita and hummus will also make me happy. Despite the rain, today’s going to be better, I just know it.

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