Birthday weekend recap

I knew Elliot’s birthday weekend was going to be crazy but I guess I didn’t plan on it wearing me out to THAT degree. Here’s a run-down, in synopsis format:

Friday: Got home to find Ash and his brother hanging out with Elliot. Waited about and hour for my family to  show. Visited briefly then went to Osaka for hibachi. Got home, made cupcakes, fell asleep.

Saturday: woke at 7:30 and got to work. Made bat-shaped sandwiches, frosted cupcakes, finished cleaning the house. Got Elliot ready. 10:30, people arrived. We hung out, opened presents, and ate. Naptime for Elliot. Fantasy Football draft. Tired. Fall asleep on bed for 45 minutes. Wake to all the noise in my house. Go with Dad to Market Square liquors and buy okra from remnants of farmer’s market. Make lasagna for all eight of us. Go to Brusters for late night peach milkshake. Fall asleep on couch while Ash, Big E, Drew and my sister play Uno and Jenga. (Never mind my tense shifts.)

Sunday: Woke at 7:45 with the Boy and every room was occupied by a sleeping person. Got ready and headed to my parents’ hotel; Dad had gone to Alabama for a bit so my aunt, mom, and I took the  Boy out to eat at this place I’d been wanting to try: the Brooma grill. Very yummy. All family came back to my house and then left for home. Elliot went down for a nap and the guys went out for lunch. It was finally quiet. Then Ash and I proceeded to do little to nothing for the rest of the day.

It’s so stressful having to entertain and have family around and just be on all the time. I did, however, get to watch preseason football, take a bath, and finish Dead Until Dark. But I don’t feel rested. I demand a day to myself! I know; it’s not going to happen. But anyway, how was your weekend?

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