Nothing and… nothing

No “new good things” this week because, well, I paid bills instead of buying fun stuff. (I don’t think bags and boards in bulk for my comics count as fun things.) The week was intense; busy with tying up loose ends and doctor’s appointments and semi-work related fun. It’s been interesting.

Some admissions: I haven’t swept my floors in over a week and the thin layer of dog hair and day to day detritus is slowly eating my brain. I have an over-due library book IN MY CAR, which makes it all the worse that I haven’t returned it. I am going to eat at Five Guys today, which means I will ingest some greasy fries and a large probably lard laden burger. It’s new and I told myself that I would get it just once.


It’s later and I have eaten my Five Guys burger and fries. It was yummy but now my stomach hurts. Like, gurgle gurgle not happy. I remember this now; I have gone back and eaten fast food all of two times since I quot – not counting today – and both times I felt like throwing up soon afterward. Good to know my body built up an intolerance to that shit in its absence. Wow, I kind of did do a new good thing review. Because the burger itself was tasty.

I have been been super busy; time to let you go from this dreadfully boring post.

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