Blah blah Monday blah blah

Hello! Wave hi to Monday! Yeah, I have a wee bit too much energy this morning and that’s… unusual since I slept like complete and total crap. No really. I didn’t fall asleep until 12, woke at 1:25 wide awake, and then had a dream I got arrested for looking at porn on my computer and I had to do community service in this weird cabin place and eat shitty gruel all day. Weird, right?

Anyway, the best way to sum up the weekend would be in short subjects, just like last Monday.


Walked around Lake Ella first thing on Saturday morning. Got some exercise, got a coffee, and got to hang out with a friend that I rarely see anymore. This made me realize that I need to stop making excuses not to hang out with people and just make plans.


Ash and I saw The Ugly Truth on Friday. It was… actually pretty good. Funny in a base sort of way without being very offensive (not like I actually get offended) and it we had a good time.  Gerard Butler was good, as usual. I have to say, he’s probably one of my favorite actors. Ash likes him too. There’s just something about him, and I don’t mean the rugged good looks.  But see what I mean?gerard_butler_04

Tasty. But anyway, it’s a fun romantic comedy and we rarely see that kind of movie together. Ash and I got out of it in time to go home for a little bit before getting Elliot and while he retrieved the Boy, I got TCBY. Super healthy dinner, I know! (Elliot ate something with meat and vegetables, I promise.)


Two things I realized while at dinner Saturday night: I adore Russian accents. Though I have had previous conversations with my acquaintance, Sergey, I only just then realized that the Russian accent is very… melodic. It was nice to talk to him. Thing number two: I like gin drinks. When I was a kid, I would accidentally drink my grandmother’s gin thinking it was water. And I was revolted, almost to the point of throwing up. But I realize that I love Tom Collins and Sloe Gin fizzes.  Does this mean I’m a grown up now?


On Sunday afternoon, after Elliot awoke crying hysterically from his nap, he became the personification of the reason they invented orphanages. Nothing was good enough. This sippy? Thrown to the ground. These grapes? Must surely be poisoned for I howl with displeasure as I gobble them up. Wearing these shoes? Made of fire, get them off my feet now, woman! And then I buckled him into the car for a trip to Target and it was bitch and moan the whole way there. Standing in line to return some shoes, he went all floppy on me and I nearly strapped him into a cart JUST so the wait in that line – all five minutes of it – was not completely and totally awful. And then, once we got to Old Navy? He was fine. In fact, he was cheerful and pleasant, made not so much as a sound as I shopped. What the hell, kid? For a moment there, I was scouting for those Safe Place signs in case I got to angry I needed to drop you off.


I’m leaving now to go bring Elliot back to my office. My students want to meet him – though I can’t imagine why! – so we’re having a work day. I’ll report back if it doesn’t kill me. So, do tell me about your weekend…

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