The most random Monday morning post

And it’ s just for you! Yes, I am all over the place this morning so you get to experience this with me. Aren’t you excited? Hell, I can feel your excitement from here.


When I went to pick up some uber-greasy Hungry Howie’s pizza on Saturday, I got to see a guy get arrested. As I pulled into the lot, which also houses a Best Buy, I saw a caravan of BB employees walking across the parking lot. One of the men was not dressed in BB garb but I had no idea what the deal was. Until I parked. That’s when I heard the sirens and as the two police cruisers pulled into the median of Appalachee Parkway, the guy bolted, only to be waylaid by said police and beat into submission. Thanks to the commentary from some guys at the T-Mobile store, “That guy done stole somethin’!”


Some of the funnier Texts From Last Night I read today:

(352): I give out O-faces like they’re Halloween candy

(801): all he gave me for my birthday was sperm
(254): at least its a homemade gift

(972): And that’s when I found out that Patrick wasn’t in fact down with O.P.P.

(520): The world would be so much better with thought bubbles.

(440): oh vodka. i could write you a sonnet.

Sometimes I totally laugh out loud to that site. Other times, I just feel sad for people and their sordid exploits from the weekend. I mean, how often CAN people get drunk and go home with random people? Apparently, A LOT.


I was pretty disappointed in the end of VH1’S Daisy of Love. I mean, to be honest, I hate her with a fiery passion because she’s so stupid and everything that is wrong with women these days. BUT, I was on-board for the entire season because I had to know. And that’s the downfall of reality TV, kids. Take heed. But, come on, London?? For realz? He’s so scummy and he’ll break your heart more than once. She should have picked Flex. Like she said, he was what she needed but what she wanted was London. Her choice personified how women always do that shit: go on feeling alone and don’t realize the hot mess they’re getting themselves into. When London went on that show, he was homeless. He was a starving musician, couch surfing. I don’t care how much she liked his looks, that should be a red flag. BUT, in her defense, it seemed like she actually had some kind of deeper connection to him. And I suppose there’s no denying your heart. My favorite part of the show was Riki Rachtman. I remember him from my youthful days of watching Headbanger’s Ball late into the night. He was her voice of reason and Daisy didn’t listen to a damn thing he said; heh, heh. Sigh.


I fear the so-called Terrible Twos have come a bit early. I also hate using that phrase. I feel like it lumps me into the category of people who use all those dumb kid-related phrases. They’re the same people who ask how my son is and then tell you to wait ’til they’re teenagers hardee-har-har. Assholes, that’s what they are. ANYway, Elliot’s not SO bad but within the last couple weeks he has definitely entered a new stage. Used to be if he did something wrong or had something he shouldn’t and we redirected, he would be alright, move along. Now, if I take something from him, it is The End of The Known World and he launches into some – admittedly hilarious – tantrums.  I of course try to ignore these best I can, which seems to work to calm him. Also, taking him outside works, as it has since he was but a tiny helpless suctopus. I am slightly worried about handling all the new strange behavious – especially because we’re about to throw in potty training and big boy bed – but I think I can muddle through. Not like there’s a choice!


Have you seen the trailer for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland? I am pretty sure I will see it. But, like everything else that I really like but has been “rebooted”, I am a little worried. For the most part, I think Tim Burton is extremely talented in scary creative. It pissed me off when I found out that when he made the Batman movie he had not once even cracked a Batman comic. But you saw it; you know. It was pretty damn good. I’ll put my faith in him on this one.

Well, that’s all for now. How are ya? And I mean it; what’s up?

4 thoughts on “The most random Monday morning post

  1. I’m cautiously excited about Alice in Wonderland. The still screens and the previews looks fantastic, but I hated what he did with Willy Wonka (the Oompa Loompas were like 80s pop stars with orange skin for pete’s sake!). So hopefully he’ll pull this one off, though.

    And we should definitely hang out! I can do coffee (or dessert or whatever) just about anytime this week. Family gets here Friday afternoon. Just let me know!

  2. Just wait til Elliot… Wait a second, I am not going to be one of those people. I too don’t like the terrible two’s term. For us it was more like the terrible 20 months. That was a hard time for my little one. So eager to communicate yet unable. Sign language helped us through. I also agree that tantrums can be quite hysterical. It’s amazing how fast they can switch emotions while being incredibly dramatic. Simply amazing.

  3. Alice in Wonderland kinda scares me actually. 🙂 And Johnny Depp is FREAKY as the Mad Hatter. I’m kinda iffy about Tim Burton truthfully. Some of his movies–Batman, Edward Scissorhands–are good. Others–Willy Wonka, Sleepy Hollow, Planet of the Apes–not so much. I probably won’t see Alice in the theater. I’ll just wait till it comes out on DVD.

    Wow…I just had this undeniable urge to watch Edward Scissorhands…I think I’ve got it on VHS…*scurries off to look for it.*

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