Filling you in

Yesterday was the kind of day where I didn’t really stop going until ten at night. Work was hectic and when I got home, we ran errands, then made dinner and then I went out with a friend. Finally, at 10:15, I got into my pajamas and watched Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

This week has taken a lot out of me.

I always consider family visiting to be fun coupled with stressful and annoying. Those last two are in slightly smaller percentages; fun and enjoyable are the main things. It should never b stressful having your own family staying at your house but it is. I want to make sure that they are always comfortable and never put out; I also don’t want the house to become a disaster area but it always does. We put things wherever, we buy more food and more stuff and we make the house more lived in than it already is. And when they leave – in those first five minutes of silence once it’s just the three of us again – I breathe a sigh of relief before sweeping the floors and putting my home back together. My parents were here all weekend and then I had a difficult time recovering from that.

I was happy to be back at work though, back to the routine. I am a sucker for routines and I live by the conventions I have made. This week is proving to be busier than I could have imagined and it’s beginning to eat at my brain. There are no words for how I feel but a simple !!!!! will suffice.

Last night, I said goodbye to a friend of mine who is moving to Utah. I know what I’m getting into, befriending grad students who are, at best, transient. It doesn’t make it any easier getting to know people and then having them leave to pursue their careers and degrees elsewhere. I have to say – without being mushy – she was the kind of person with whom I could share things I normally wouldn’t. I haven’t had too many friends in the last 5-8 years of my life who were that easy to talk to. (Not counting internet friends because the anonymity or the barrier of the glowing screen really helps). But with the advent of Facebook and Twitter, you can really keep in touch with people so much more effectively these days.

Aside from the fog and the fact that from about 3:30 until 5 this morning our power was off, this day is shaping up nicely. This blog entry leaves you feeling flat, I know. But I felt so bad for not posting. Things will change, they always do. With that, I leave you. (I rhymed!)

But in the meantime, what’s up with you Seen any good movies lately?

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