Weekend, off-kilter

This was yesterday evening:

Though it is 6:22, the boys are sleeping and for once, it’s actually pretty quiet around here. Elliot’s ear infection is definitely better but as far as I can tell, he’s milking this for all it’s worth. He is being a big-time brat and just crying and whining and wanting to be held and fed and it absolutely drives me mad to see that he’s figured out how to manipulate us. They learn so young…

Luckily, he was semi-well behaved for my friend who babysat him last night so Ash and I could head to Panacea for our dinner club. One of our friends deploys for Iraq soon so we figured we’d best go while everyone still could. And we had quite a good time. Thanks to our neighbours, we got the party started early. Ash went to their house to work on their computer and came back with margaritas. The night got interesting and I overate – a plate of various fried seafood – and felt bloated and gross when I crawled into bed with this graphic novel and promptly passed out.

And this is from today. I am just blogging SLOWLY.

Sunday was sucked into a vortex of despair as Elliot was still sick and I couldn’t get much done and oh, woe is me: I had to work out;  actually drag my ass onto the elliptical and work. I ate like total garbage all last week (and ingested a few too many beers which are calorie loaded) so I owed it to myself to work the hell out of that elliptical. And I feel better for it today, certainly. Though I still woke up feeling like a garbage truck ran me over. Ooooh, the grogginess. But I have a literal ton of papers to grade and if I don’t do it, I think I’ll feel possibly worse.

SO, What did you do this weekend? Please, entertain me – I really need it.

P.S. I updated my Showroom page.

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