Elliot Lately

I feel like I’ve neglected my little Elly on here lately. It could be because I am sort of simultaneously loving this stage of his childhood to death and hating it with every fiber of my being. He is loaded with energy these days. If I could skim off a mere one eighth of his energy, well, I’d certainly never need to visit Starbucks again. But his energy is coming in bursts. He will suddenly begin running around the house while yelling at the top of his lungs, then jump on the couch and go back and forth across the cushions, all the while, laughing maniacally. We recently taught him how to spin around in circles and then we laugh as he comes out, all wobbly, walking like a drunk. (What? Don’t tell me you’ve never made fun of your kid before.)

He can point to, when prompted: his head, ears, nose, mouth, eyes, and shoe. Also, trees, birds, cars, the deck, and each dog by name. he says, “all done” after eating and “not nice” when anyone does anything he doesn’t approve of.

But the thing that’s driving me batty these last couple weeks are his random tantrums (honestly, not SO bad) but his inability to grasp the concept of punishment/time-out without making it into a game. It takes a lot of picking him up and putting him back into the time-out spot before he finally sort of groks the concept and cries a little, only to soon conjure up that devilish grin again and try to sneak out to pick up a ball or car or some other sundry toy on the floor, of which there are MANY. Though we don’t have time-out problems every day (like hitting or throwing), he’s starting to worry me with his latest sleep regression.

From 6 months on, he went to bed at 7 PM and woke up pretty much anywhere from 6 to 8:30 AM, depending on his level of exhaustion. This past week, he’s been having problems falling asleep. On Wednesday, I tried something new-ish. We went to bed by 7:30 instead, I gave him a little massage right before pajamas, and then I put on my “Relaxation and Meditation” play list for him to fall asleep by. It’s the only day this week he feel asleep quickly. I don’t want him to rely on the music but if it works. it works. I hate seeing him on the little monitor, thrashing about like he’s supremely tired yet agitated.

I am sure all these little phases will pass and we’ll move onto something more amazing and probably also annoying. I just try to take it all in stride, best I can.


Here he is collecting Easter Eggs. OMG, chubby cheeks.

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