Trip vignettes

Whenever anyone recaps their vacation, I never know if I want to read it out of sheer interest in the location or if I want to close the window because I am jealous of their time off and angry I cannot take my own vacation. So I’ll spare you most of the details and wrote some short daily paraphrases of what we did in big ol’ new York City.

  • Friday we got into New York around 9:45 and it took until 11 to make it from JFK to Jamaica station to our subway stop near the hotel. They showed us to a room which was not a park view so we had to wait until 3. In the meantime, Ash and I walked around Central Park since the weather was really nice. We watched a bunch of  musicians and dancers and then sat for almost an hour and a half watching people skateboard. By the time we got back to the hotel, the room was still not ready but they claimed it was well worth our wait. And it was – our view of the park was crazy! We were at the Southeast end and you could see it all, with the buildings on either side and the skating rink, the zoo… it was amazing.
  • Friday evening we went to the Garage, which is a restaurant with live jazz nightly. We figured you’d need reservations for just about everywhere in NY, especially on a Friday but honestly, we could have walked in there at 6 or 6:30 and been fine. But it worked out because we ate our dinner and listened to the band over desert. They were pretty darn good and you can check it out here.
  • When we got back to the hotel, Ash gave me the rest of my birthday present: (as if a trip to NY and a stay in a swanky midtown hotel were not enough) tickets to Wicked. Off-Broadway but still awesome. I was surprised by this and to make my birthday all that much better, we flipped through the HBOs in the room and we caught the very beginning of Batman Returns which I had been wanting to see again. Amazing, right?
  • Saturday began cold and foggy. We ate at a little place called the Astro diner and then walked down 7th and up 6th back to the hotel. We hit Times Square and scoped our theater for later. We went into Midtown Comics – I bought something – and then to a little pizza place below. I gotta say: the pizza was damn good but I have had some thin crust around here that is the same if not slightly better. I didn’t need to go all the way to NY for good pizza! Though hot dogs… well, we had about 5 while there and for the most part, they were all super tasty. Only one – the first we had in Central Park – was boring and small.
  • Saturday afternoon – when the sun had finally come out – we saw Wicked. It was pretty cool to see live entertainment of such caliber. I mean, we got the circus in Tallahassee not that long ago and it was sub-par. This was talent. This was quality. Having read the book a while ago, I wondered what they’d change and the things they did rework were not that vital. Though, I knew Fiyero was not a white guy with light brown curly hair. But I guess that doesn’t matter to the overall story. Except… oh, if I said anything, I suppose there would be spoilers and you don’t want that, do you?
  • That night was Jeff’s all night party thing so we took the subway out to Queens. I suggested to Ash we not show up right at 6 when it supposedly began but he’d have none of it. The thing was, we got sick of being there by about 9:30. I had taken about 5 shots on the ice luge, had two beers and 4 Jell-o shots but I was only slightly buzzed. There’s only so much Rock Band I can watch people play before I want to shoot myself. And that’s when Ash and I made the decision not to board the party bus at 11 and not to go to the Bulgarian club where they were going to dress up like soldiers and take as many shots of vodka in two minutes as humanly possible in an ice cage out of shot glasses fashioned from ice. You know you’ve reached a different point in your life when you’re at a supposedly fun event and you’d rather be in bed reading.
  • Sunday brought even crappier rainy weather. We went back out to Queens to have brunch with our friends and their friends.Though we had already eaten it was nice to hang out. We said our goodbyes and went back to our end of town to hit up the Museum of Natural History. By this time, we were both starting to reach that part in the trip where we appreciate our time off, etc but it’s getting a bit tiring. I like to think Ash and I are in good shape but on a daily basis, we do not walk that much. (The elliptical for 34 minutes does not count here). So I think we were fed up with it. I know I was sick of the rainy cold weather and only felt like sitting in the hotel. Though, I was also very gung-ho about doing as much stuff as possible. We did manage to squeeze in a nap before dinner. Admittedly, mine was not very good. Rice was undercooked and my burrito didn’t have half the reported ingredients in it. Though, the margaritas and salsa were tasty, and Ash and Jeff liked theirs.
  • It was pouring rain when we got out so the three of us got a taxi – something I definitely thought I should do while in the city – and we got dropped off at the hotel. We both sat for a while and just looked out the window at the lights of the city. It was peaceful even though there’s so much chaos down there. In our room, high above it all, I felt tranquil. I sat there a lot longer than Ash and wrote in my journal for a while before turning in.
  • Monday morning we ate breakfast at the 6th Avenue diner and then got all ready to leave. Our flight was actually early, we both watched all but the last 5 minutes of The Wrestler, and we made it to Orlando and back to my parents’ house by 5. We then drove back to Tallahassee at 7:30 and got home and in bed by midnight. Trip concluded.

I am glad to be back, though I have felt a little fuzzy today, trying to get caught up on things. It was sort of confusing to me that this morning at 8 AM it was only 24 hours ago I had been looking out over Central Park and a magnificent sunrise, feathering the tress with its warmth. But then I was there, in a campus parking lot in dire need of repaving and  cold, lamenting my lack of good clean clothes and I felt sort of lost. Vacations are wonderful yet cruel.

Pictures will be up on Flickr soon as I can edit, etc. Perhaps tonight, in between ginormous loads of laundry and various unpacking and the settling back in process. So! What have you been doing???

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