Catch up

I apologize for the lack of post yesterday; my job work and my personal work all seemed to coalesce into one big mess of a very quick day so I didn’t even have a moment to get on here. For one, Elliot had his 18 month doctor appointment at 10 so instead of taking him to day care for a mere two hours, I decided to bring him into my office. He’s a people person so he loves the attention and the other employees and grad students love him too. So I took Elliot and it appears that he’s grown 3 entire inches since his 15 month appointment; that’s amazing! My child has always been a shorty so this was fantastic news. He moved up from the 5th percentile to 15th! Ok, done going on and on about it – but he made his mama proud.

In other news, there was a march on the capitol yesterday wherein a bunch of people from my University protested the budget cuts on higher education. I did not attend. Though I understand where they come from and why they want to make a statement, I know someone who works in the capitol building, with legislators, and I know that the statement they made will not change one single thing. The thing is, those people cannot just turn it around with a snap and it’s done. You know? They are subject to rules and doctrine and all kinds of other aspects of government I don’t quite understand. But it isn’t just education that’s getting the shaft. And when those legislators go into session, cutting the budget isn’t like in that movie, Dave, where over a couple beers and some bratwurst they can find a way to make it work. Hell, if it worked that way, I’d get chills watching the evening news the way I do a dramatic movie. No, real life doesn’t work that way and I am sad to say I just didn’t care about their little march. I hope that our government can come to some better conclusions on how to spend the state’s money by the time session concludes. We all want that. But all I can do is hope.

On Friday, Ash and I are taking the afternoon off to see Watchmen. I am hoping it doesn’t suck but we’ll see! Tell me, what movies have you loved lately and what are you looking forward to?

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