Today, I can be political

I was not picked for the jury. The case was armed robbery, grand theft, and attempted robbery of a conveyance. I was one of 21 people questioned and I know they didn’t pick me because I felt too strongly about the defendant’s right to remain silent. I was under the impression he would get to plead his case. I guess I was wrong and misinformed as to how our justice system actually works. Either way, I was actually relieved to not be picked, since the trial would have been today and I was very concerned about voting.

But. When I was leaving the courthouse, I noticed that they were still doing early voting, a result of an extension given late last week. So I waited a mere three minutes and tacked on one more vote for Obama. I Barack’d the vote, y’all. And I was so very glad I got it done yesterday.

Since I was done early, I picked up Elliot. And what should I see on the church sign as I was pulling into daycare? “Vote yes on 2”. What??? I mean, I did an actual real-life double-take. For a church/preschool that states – in their handbook – that they teach the infinite love of God for all people, I was completely taken a-back by this hateful message prominently displayed on a very large sign on a main road. I was, at first, infuriated. But I calmed myself by remembering that I already voted and since I voted no, it didn’t matter. Yet this morning, I found myself still thinking about it. How can a church that preaches love to all be so hateful? You know, it’s people like that who will rage against the Nazis and the horrible crimes they committed against the Jews and yet, to hate  homosexuals enough to vote against even possible legislature… well, doesn’t that seem an awful lot alike? I mean, maybe to a lesser degree but still: a hateful, close-minded opinion nevertheless.

Luckily, that sign should be gone by tomorrow.

And tomorrow, we might be experiencing something new – a new way of looking at this country, our government, and perhaps a brighter future for all of us.

In a lot of ways, I want to sit glued to the TV tonight and see as each state’s votes are counted. But in some ways, I have this idealistic view of my Tuesday night: ignore the news altogether. Pop into the DVD player “The American President” and hope that by watching a movie wherein this country is run by a good, morally sound, and charismatic leader, tomorrow will mirror that in some way. I might just do that.

So, go vote, get out there and let your voice be heard!

No on #2 if you’re in Florida. No on #8 if you’re in Cali.


3 thoughts on “Today, I can be political

  1. I voted this morning and it really wasn’t too bad. 30 minutes all told.

    The other day I was driving by the corner of Magnolia and Apalachee, and there was a group of people supporting Yes on 2, with placards and everything. I almost (ALMOST!) flipped them off. But I refrained. Instead I just frowned and shook my head at them.

  2. I wonder if they realize that railing against the horrible hate crimes of the Nazis is also supporting homosexuals…since Jews weren’t the only ones persecuted.

    I voted No on 2 as well, but when I got back to work I had this horrible sinking filling that I accidentally voted yes on it. But hopefully my photographic memory is correct in recalling that I did indeed bubble no. I also went over the ballot before I put it in the folder to take to the scanning machine or whatever it was that sucked up my ballot.

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