By the numbers

I have a problem: I obsess about money. Not in the way that say, young entrepreneurs obsess in that they want to make a ton of it. I simply want to be comfortable. But I am constantly worried about it, thinking about how much is left in my account and whether or not I can afford X during this pay cycle. To clarify, my husband and I split everything. For most* couples, this is not the case. If one makes more than the other, it does not matter for it all goes into one pot. Sometimes, I wish it were different but for the most part, I like having a seperate bank account. I don’t really want to see all the money coming out each day Ash goes out to lunch and he doesn’t need to see each latte I buy, Even though we both know what the other spends their money on, it’s nicer not to have to see it coming out of OUR account.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. The point is that I was thinking about how much “extra” money I used to have to buy stuff, like Halloween decorations. And I argue sometimes with people that kids “aren’t that expensive”. But I think if I tallied up how much I spend in one month on baby supplies, food, etc, I would see that there is where my fun money went. For example:

  • Monthly spending at Target on things like diapers, baby food, and diaper genie refills: 110.00
  • Monthly spending at Walgreens for Pedialyte in case of illness: 20.00
  • Monthly amount in groceries spent on food for Elliot: Around 100.00

So you see, I could have about 230 extra dollars to buy decorations or a pedicure, etc. I am getting really good at going without, even though those are frivolities that make me seem selfish to want, they can also bring me small joys.

What do you go without so that someone else may have?

*I say MOST because I keep runing into more and more people who are splitting it evenly these days.

One thought on “By the numbers

  1. Our money seems to run away as soon as we get it. I can’t figure out how. And we don’t even have kids! We do, however, have four dogs, so maybe they are the culprits.

    And we’ve been together for 11 years and have never shared a bank account. We might eventually share one for household expenses, but I like having “my money.”

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