Fluff, filler, blah

This morning? 60 degrees. Beautiful! I rolled the windows down a little on our way to daycare, played a little Ambrosia… oh yeah, a great start to the day. Nevermind that I am on Day 5 of 30 Day Shred (with a one day break in which I did 30 mins of elliptical) and when I stepped on the scale this morning – pre-breakfast – I weighed 2 pounds more than yesterday, Muscle weighs more than fat, right? Right??

I was absent from the interwebs yesterday for a few reasons. One being that since Elliot had to be away from daycare for 24 hours, I had to cart him to the office with me. It wasn’t too bad; he played with some toys, climbed up onto a paper box about eleventy bazillion times, dumped out a box of file folder tags time and time again, and then he finally started to melt down. We walked around the halls a bit – he’s doing very well walking with only one hand of help – and, honestly, I am barely hanging onto him but he feels he needs it. He’s not yet gained the confidence to let go. He went back to daycare around 10:45 and I was free to get some work done! (Yeah, I wasn’t that excited about it)

Another reason I didn’t visit half my regular haunts was that I had papers to grade. Awful papers. Atrocious papers. Papers in which students didn’t cite one single damn thing and to top it all off, their group mates told them this. I mean, they were warned. And still! These kids are going to be pretty disappointed when I send out the grade emails this morning. As Ash reminded me though: if you give them a second chance, they’ll take it. If you let them fail, they’ll learn. I was going to let them rewrite one of their three papers but I think he’s right. These are not 7 year olds, they’re 18! They should know better by now. But sometimes it makes me feel guilty; like I’m not trying hard enough. In this case, I can say that it’s not me. The ball is in their court.

In Heroes geekery news: when is Monday? I mean, ugh! When we were catching up on the first two seasons, I counted on watching 1-3 eps a night, whenever I wanted. But now that we’re all caught up, I am at the whim of the schedule, the week that must pass. I guess in the meantime, I could watch the last season of ER, though I barely care anymore. Someone dies; I just read who. I’m a spoilers junkie, I fear. But all in all, ER hasn’t been good since season 10 and it hasn’t been really good since season 6. When George left, it was all downhill from there.

But enough about that. I apologize for being a bad blogger lately. I’ve not been living up to my potential as a writer. Maybe in time it will get better. As everything tends to do – cyclical.

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