Not to make excuses…

…but I have some legitimate reasons for my brief hiatus in blogging. For one, Tropical Storm Fay was a little worse than Tallahassee expected. We had a ton of rain and where it typically collects on our driveway, near the garage, was even worse. On Saturday morning, Ash got out there in a rain poncho and dug a little trench for drainage. La la, going along all day, feeling cooped up and restless. Ash began a computer project but couldn’t find his screwdriver. Gets pissed, blames me (of course – what a male thing to do), then decides to drive to work where he had another one. This was about, oh, 2 or 3 PM. Not one minute after he left, I heard it: a crackling sound – an upheaval. Then, the crash that reverberated throughout the neighbourhood. So much so that I figured a tree fell across the street. I look out back, nothing. I walk out front and I see it:

That’s about a 60 foot tree on our house. That was obviously after Ash and I put Elliot in his crib and went out – in the driving rain – and tarped the damage. I was slogging through about 5-6 inches of water in the backyard to get thos cinder blocks. The worst part was that they were way out in the corners of the yard, where the dog poo. I just tried not to think about how disgusting that water was.

Here’s where it went through our entire fence in the back. Off to the right, is the earth and the roots. It must have been a good 50-70 years old and indeed, it had been leaning for a while. Though, it was not on our property so we had no control over that. Around 5 or so, we got done securing the tarp and there was nothing much else we could do.

Originally, we had a dinner club outing planned and we decided to still go. Because we really needed to get out! The rain had subsided mostly but there were so many roads closed and flooded that it took us a while to get acorss town. When we returned from dinner, the neighbour who owned said tree had tapes his insurance information on our front door. We had already filed a claim through our own so this made things even more interesting.

On Sunday, we woke and I gave the neighbours until 12 when I went over to speak with them. In the past, we had never exchanged words. They rarely if ever waved. We feared that they would be complete assholes about it. Well, turns out the guy is quite nice and understanding and so willing to work through it. In fact, he thinks that his insurance will probably cover our deductible.

Around 2, our awesome neighbours on the other side came over with the chainsaw and we began hacking away at the beast.

The best part was that lots of people walked by and offered condolences. One woman, from around the corner and who I had met before, came over to help move debris. Then, a guy from down the road whom we had never met before came and he did some of the heavy log lifting. I was so amazed to see young people, and neighbours, being helpful and friendly. It kind of restored my faith in humanity!

Here’s the damage the house incurred:

It’s not too bad but it won’t be cheap to fix. I’m just glad that the tree is gone and we can sort of move forward. But I tell you, this was not how I saw my Saturday playing out. And aside from that, I really wanted to spend this weekend relaxing, since Fall semester began today and it’s my busiest time of the year.

So you see now why I had been ignoring my blog. X365 posts to resume soon as well. I just need to get back on track.

3 thoughts on “Not to make excuses…

  1. I was crossing my fingers for you. I’m glad the damage was minimal-ish and the neighbors weren’t complete twats. It almost restores my faith in humanity 🙂

  2. This sucks so hard. I’m sorry. Nothing inside was damaged, was it?

    Nice to have good neighbors. But any time the word “insurance” is uttered, I cringe a little.

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