Restaurant review, of sorts

Mothers out there reading this will no doubt know exactly what I am talking about when I say that last night I got to do something that happens rarely, if ever: go out to eat with a friend.  And it was awesome. Even more rare is the chance to cultivate “me time”, since the baby is such a huge part of our lives. I am, indeed, very grateful that he goes to bed at 8 but on a typical weeknight you can find me passed out on the couch by 10 PM.

So my friend Dave and I went to a little place called Monk’s, formerly the Main Ingredient. It’s a typical college hangout: front room that’s a little quieter and a back room with the bar and TVs. They also have an outdoor area that, I’m sure, is packed during the normal school year. But since school doesn’t begin until Monday, we were one of only four or so tables occupied. It took a while for a waitress to help us but when she did, she was quite nice and chatty and brought the beer, stat. Which was much needed. I mentioned that I had ONE beer at a party couple weeks ago and since, I had been wanting another. When you drink as rarely as I do, these little moments matter.

I ordered a burger – the Stilton. Check it out on the menu. Boy was it good. But massive. And it was a personal goal set forth as she placed it in front of me to finish Every Last Bite. And I did. Though it took me roughly an hour, over beer and conversation. Which, can I just tell you? Is great to partake in. I wasn’t saying, “Oh, little Elly, you’re ok.” Or, “God, kid, you are so whiny.” Or, “Did you poop your pants? Did you?” Having a kid can be mind numbing. Having a nice three hour dinner with an old friend: decidedly entertaining.

In some ways, I miss the old days. But as we were walking to our cars, everything hushed outside compared to the constant barrage of noise inside, Dave mentioned that one of our old haunts – brothers nightclub – is now closed. We both agreed that it was almost fitting. As if closing the door on a chapter of both of our lives, in seperate ways. Methaphorically speaking. All in all, a good night. I was happy to be home and I immediately fell asleep on the couch watching Olympics, I think. I was out fast.

And now, onto some more work before the day is over.

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