Blast from the past

Do you want to see me when I was about 19/20? I’ll warn you: I was one confused and lost little person back then. But I was myself, always. It’s just that the self I was then was hiding some of the truer things I am today. As I looked at some of these pictures, it didn’t even feel like I was looking at me. Very weird.

Pretending we were Crocodile Hunters, we’d wrestle the inflatable gator and talk in Aussie accents.

I liked the blur. I don’t even remember going to this park and having water gun fights. I bet it was fun though.

The three girls were my roommates and the thinner guy is Matt. Chris, who is getting married really soon (!!) is there as well. We hung out a lot and this is when we went to a jazz concert at a botanical garden.

I like looking back now and then to remind myself of how young I was, and carefee. And angsty. And nervous. And silly. And blind. But this all helps me move forward too. It’s all part of me. I’m not ashamed.

3 thoughts on “Blast from the past

  1. At 19/20, I, too, was young and naïve and didn’t know any better. That younger version of myself was sheltered. I feel like I had a great upbringing, but knowing what I know now inspires me to improve on that upbringing when I have kids. . . .

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