Calm it down there, buddy

Typically, when you go into a restaurant where they make something for you – assembly line style – like Subway or Qdoba, you get to order what you want on whatever food item it is, in the order you would like it. Personally, at Subway I like my mayo and mustard to be right on my tuna and then all the rest of the toppings. I just went into Pancheros and got a burrito in a bowl. The guy was going along and asked if I wanted the lettuce, cheese and salsa. I said yes, in that order. And he didn’t put the lettuce on. I thought maybe he didn’t hear me but his reply was, “Yeah but I like to put it on the top.” Yeah, well, I didn’t ask for it on top. (*snicker*: on top). I didn’t like the way this guy imposed his preference on my lunch. And THEN, someone else came up and asked for a side of salsa and instead of asking which one (mild, medium, HOT, or corn) the guy just starts dishing up hot and tells the customer, “This one’s my favorite, here ya go.”

This worker is a textbook case of what is wrong with this country: too many people forcing their ideas and preferences on everyone else. If I want my lettuce right up next to my chicken and underneath my corn salsa and sour cream, they dammit, let me do it!

5 thoughts on “Calm it down there, buddy

  1. What an SOB. It would have been one thing if he had just screwed up your preferred order-of-toppings, but he had a smart alecky comment about it, too. That’s what would have lit my fuse.

    There again, it is just a burrito. . .

  2. Dear Claire,

    Hi, my name is Joel. I am the Social Media Manager for Panchero’s and, while this response is quite delayed (I’m new to the organization), I wanted to let you know we are sorry for the bad experience you had. If there are more details you can give me about your experience, please email them to me at

    We want to work hard at listening to and responding to our customers’ feedback so we can make sure the experience at our restaurants is always a good one.

    Thank you for your feedback. I will pass this along to our operations team.


    Joel Johnson
    Social Media Manager
    Panchero’s Franchise Corporation
    888 Mex-Best

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