The state of things


Howya doin’?

Me? Oh, I’m ok, thanks for asking. Been a little busy this week and a little tired, a little frazzled. Yeah, you could say that anyway. Frazzled, fried, scatterbrained. Whatever other adjective you may want to include, insert —–>HERE<——

Between book orders for the Fall semester and some on-going projects of elevated importance, I have felt completely burned out. And really, I’ve only been at work two days this week, though it seems more like ten, in a row. I remember when I worked retail and if I wanted to take any more than two days off consecutively, I had to work a ton of days in a row to earn the right to be off. I think the longest stretch I ever did was eleven days, mostly night shifts because the other lead cashier had been there longer and always got what she wanted. I would have killed to open on any Saturday. Alas, of two entire years at CompUSA, I probably only opened one Saturday.

But boy have I gone off on a tangent.


Whachya doin’?

Me? I’m plugging away at these projects. But outside of this place, I’m just watching The Boy grow. He’s a crawling machine now, all over the house. Put him down near my computer in the back bedroom and he’s all the way in the opposite corner of the house next to the refridgerator in no time at all. He’s inquisitive and playful, yet can be disappointed and bored at the drop of a hat. He is hungrier than I ever thought a baby could be and we’ve upped his food unit intake by a lot. When, at his 9 month doctor appointment, I was told to add in 6 ounces of formula a day, I didn’t know it would come to adding in 14, an extra cheese stick here, some yogurt there, Cheerios too – as many as he’ll eat in the time it takes me to scarf my bowl of Wheaties. He’s still sleeping well, but I’m pretty sure a molar is coming through (!!) and it takes him a while to settle in the evenings before he passes out, blankie in hand. He is an amazing being. And I am head over heels.

I am cruising along, trying to work out and make lesson plans for my summer class and watch Elliot become a toddler (soon!) and make sure Ash is happy, and work on myself as well. Life: busy, busy, busy.

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