Weekend send-off

I’m utterly thankful that this was only a four day week because it was insane. Work was busy as all get out, complete with many unpredictable turns of events and random happenings. (Which, really, is what makes life inetresting eh?). Outside work, Ash and I did a lot of things that helped get us back on track and into the family mode. I love my brother in law but am so happy he’s moved on and we’re alone in our house. Nights have been awesome; Ash and I set up the armoir that matches our bedroom set (why does the spellcheck think that word shoudl be armor?) and our room looks like a real room now. Especially since we put table lamps on the nightstands. We actually have usable light now instead of the starke, cold overhead fan light or the faint glow from the bathroom, where a bulb has been burned out for a week.

Also, we’ve worked out every day this week. Monday, I did the elliptical. Tuesday night we walked 4 miles. Last night, rock gym. Tonight, I’m going to do the finger board routine and maybe clean the house a bit. Tomorrow, we’re probably bbq’ing with some friends. Sounds all so iddyllic, eh?

What are your fourth of July plans?

One thought on “Weekend send-off

  1. D and I are going to a Blues Festival tomorrow. We will ride bikes, walk beagles, drink wine and sleep late. 🙂

    And I may take a few pictures. Have a great weekend!!

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