Elliot has been given a clean bill of health, and yet, he still weighs just under 16 pounds. Most babies at this age are about 20 or so. Sigh. Anyway, here’s those lists I promised; I have to do something other than think about this one thing going on at work that – potentially – could mess up my entire summer. Just say a little prayer hoping that things work out, ok?

Really awesome things Elliot is doing lately:

  • Flopping all over the house! Except the first 2-3 movements are actual hands and knees crawling. He just goes faster by seal flopping.
  • Pushing up to sitting up like an expert
  • Doing the motor boat mouth noise with his fingers.
  • Always turning when he hears his name
  • Eating every food I have fed him. So far, he gets most excited about spinach. He pounds his hands on the high chair with glee.
  • Passes toys from one hand to the other and tries to use one toy to move another
  • Turns the pages of his Tonka Trucks big book
  • Pulls up occasionally on his Fisher Price walker
  • Laughs like a maniac when you attack his belly or tickle under his arms
  • Cracks up when I brush my hair on his face
  • Sleeps like a champ – 8-6 and good naps.
  • Interacts and observes like a real kid now; it’s simply amazing his level of cognizance.
  • Babbling like a brook; he’ll sometimes spit out an entire sentence of vowels and consonants that definitely sounds like something I should have understood, in Baby-ese.

Things I am looking forward to:

  • Friday and – hopefully – finding out that the previously mentioned potential thing will be resolved and all is good.
  • Sunday, when my BIL is gone (sadly) and (happily) I can begin cleaning that bedroom to turn it into a work-out room. In goes the elliptical and the TV/old XBox and we’ll also be putting some freeweights in there. I’m thinking on the same wall as Barry Sanders
  • June 30th – first day of Summer classes and Bootcamp for the new TAs
  • July 5th – Ash’s birthday
  • July 6th – My mom comes for the whole week! (Daycare lady is on vacation)
  • Doing things with my mom and Elliot, like visiting some museums and buying things for the Boy.
  • Elliot turning 10 months in 5 days
  • Elliot turning a year!

One thought on “Post-doc

  1. What great things Elliot is doing! Grayson army-crawled FOREVER which cracked us up, but seemed to get the job done. Before you know it, you’ll be running down the hall, chasing E!

    Glad he was given a clean bill of health! That must’ve been such a relief!

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