A sphincter says what?

I must have had a temporary lapse of sanity last night: we stayed up way too late, playing cards, drinking. Well, ok, I didn’t actually drink. I just didn’t feel like it. Must be the first sign of moving ever farther away from undergrad party girl to upstanding responsible mommy. Either way, I woke up feeling like battered crap. Luckily, Starbucks bottles 13.7 ounces of oh-so wonderful Frappucino goodness. And I am grateful.

This week, thankfully, is almost over. It’s in between sessions and the silence of the halls of this building irks me. Sometimes I hear the double doors slam and wonder who has gone through them, especially if no one comes to my office. I’ve been keeping busy by applying to jobs, writing here and there, and getting my ducks in a row on daycares, baptism, and various upcoming appointments I have, like to the lady doctor and the dentist. I hate when all that stuff seems to occur around the same time. Talk about a wallet drain.

I’m playing the weirdest game of Scrabble online right now. This guy is apparently from Australia and kept typing random nonsequitors into the chat box. Like, we said the typical “Hi and gl” and then he wrote: “Usa? Shows.” As if I asked for that. Anyway, I started pulling ahead with my score and he accused me of cheating and reported me. Then he resigned the game and challenged me again. I declined three times then accepted on the fourth. I’m beating him by 100 points and he keeps saying I’m a staller and an American. I didn’t realize the Aussies were so anti-American. He says we worship oil, we’re invaders. Pretty amusing but also, not making this the best game in the morning. Sort of ruins my mood.

Ash is somehow sick, again. He NEVER gets sick but since we’ve had the baby I think he’s gotten 3 colds. Pretty ridiculous. I take my Emergen-C and I can usually ward it off. Let’s hope I can… and keep Elliot away from it too.

Off to do some work, you know, because that’s what I’m here for. (cue laughter.)

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