Off-kilter but feeling OK

The beginning of me feeling like everything is out of whack began right around the start of the Suns/Spurs game, so about 9:30. That’s when I had finished cleaning floors and washing clothes and putting the little one to sleep. (Not in that order). Since my mother is coming into town, I am trying to make my house look livable. It certainly looks lived in, but not yet livable. Although we manage somehow. 🙂 So anyway, just as they announced Shaq Diesel onto the floor, I felt my eyelids becoming heavy with exhaustion and within the first 3 minutes of the game, I was dozing off. Right at about 10, Ash nudged me and I made the decision to go to bed, but only for an hour. I set an alarm to wake at 11 and pump a couple extra ounces, because Eliot’s daycare lady says he’s still hungry. Well, I somehow woke up at 4, bolting upright in bed, and realizing I had missed 11 (obviously), hadn’t heard Ash come to bed at all, and hadn’t even brought the baby monitor in. So I went into the hall, assuming Ash would have forgotten to open Elliot’s door (he didn’t forget) then checked on the baby. He was fine, of course, but now I was wide awake and actually felt well-rested.

Soon after that whole thing, Big Elliot woke up and stumbled into the bathroom, because his flight to Michigan (to see his girlfriend) was an early one. Just as I had begun to drift back to sleep, Ash’s alarm went off and he got up to drive his brother to the airport. There’s something so weird about being up around that time of the morning, and getting ready. I remember family vacations where we did that and I always felt a kind of quiet coziness.

Fast forward to 7:30 when I was dropping Elliot off at daycare. The woman greeted me with, “I’ve got to have some Tylenol or Baby Orajel or something because I can’t take it. He was so fussy yesterday!”. Wow, didn’t realize he was so bad. Maybe she should communicate this to Ash when he picks him up. Or write a note and send it home. Either way, I basically had to run to the drug store and acquire said meds and take them back to her. On the way, stopping at home for my phone charger because it died on my mom. Alas, I made it to work by 8:15 and then we had a meeting at 9:30. By the tie all that was over, it was noon and now here I am, at 1:30, bored to tears and somehow sleepy.

However, I am feeling optimistic about the cleaning I have left to do. For as much as I complain about being the “only one” who does any cleaning and/or being the default parent, I actually gain a serious feeling of satisfaction from cleaning and looking at my clean house. Is it sad that I’m actually looking forward to cleaning?

So anyway, I keep thinking it’s Friday. So annoying. Going to go get some work done and clean off my desk; it’s a total mess!

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