Restlessness, randomness

Mornings have been cool here and yet, the mosquitos have already started to swarm. I have a couple bites on my ankles from being outside for 30 minutes yesterday. Elliot somehow has one on his face, which leads me to believe that one of those little bastards got in the house. I HATE – with a burning passion – the sound of a mosquito buzzing in my ear in the middle of the night. Seriously, that annoys me more than almost anything.

Is it Friday? Because I need to get paid.

I want to apply for a job at North Florida Christian – because it’s a good private school – but they have this little box at the end of the app that asks if I am willing to work in promoting the Gospel of the Grace of God. I’m just slightly turned off by this since I just want to teach English, and don’t feel I should have to compromise my faith to do so. I might do it anyway and simply explain to them where I stand. Maybe they’ll be understanding.

My Moo mini cards are in the mail! I got some free ones because I renewed my Flickr pro account.

I’m feeling so restless this week; work is dragging along, I don’t feel motivated, and I am ready for the weekend already. (My mother is coming to visit)

I’m playing a game of scrabble online and my opponent is very talkative… in an annoying way. Like an “I just need someone to talk to” way. Just play the game there, buddy.

Slow mail day; have only gotten one in my inbox since 8.

Not a whole lot of entries about The Boy lately and it’s mostly because nothing new has happened. His teeth are still there, sharp as ever, working their way in. He’s sleeping all night. He loves to laugh when you try to bite his neck or tickle under his arms. I look forward to seeing him each day when I get home.

I stream XM radio in my office, since I pay for it in my car. Is it too much to find a station that will play Sting? I just feel like hearing some of that.

That’s all for now.

2 thoughts on “Restlessness, randomness

  1. Oh I hate mozzies being all annoying like when you are trying to sleep. I have just lied there thrashing about, think its gone, lie back down and then just as I’m comfortable its back, They know what they are doing….

    Oh scrabble I am addicted to that. Well Scrabulous on facebook. Its great, have you tried scramble? Thats fun too.

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