Why Tuesday sucks

Seriously, I feel like today is the worst day (followed closely by Sunday of course.) Here’s the run-down:

Monday is a decent day because we just had a weekend and therefore, Monday can’t be so bad. It usually goes quickly. Wednesday is the middle of the week and I am always surprised that it’s “already Wednesday.” Thursday is almost Friday so it’s ok. Friday is, well, Friday. I get kind of antsy in the afternoon because it’s SO close to being quittin’ time but otherwise, this day is great. I don’t think Saturday needs any description. It is awesomeness in itself. Sundays make me blue because the weekend is coming to a close and it felt like the smallest fleeting moment. But Sunday is still a day at home and with the family so it’s better than Tuesday. Today, being The Worst Day of The Week, I feel restless already, and sleepy. Oh-so sleepy. I got enough sleep but it was interrupted by various things.

What’s your least favorite day of the week and why?

One thought on “Why Tuesday sucks

  1. I didn’t really care for Tuesday either. But honestly? I hate Monday worse.. Sunday’s aren’t even that great because all I think about is the fact that Monday = work.


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