The two days in between, books, creative license

My weekend consisted of: a lot of relaxing, some fun, some sad times, good food, and in the end, the comfort of knowing I have a great life. It can’t get any better.

Friday night, Ash and Ell went to this place in the mall to play Magic. I guess they have a draft every Friday and a mini-tournament. I took the alone time to get a lot of stuff done. No, I lied. I totally sat on my computer most of the night then tried, with all my might, to plow through this book but I just can’t. The first two in the series were really good, riveting, page-turning stories. This one seems to be stuck in one location and I feel like Jordan was just stalling. Like he knew he wanted to write ELEVEN parts to this Epic Tale and this was when he began to really drag it out. I am a little more than half way and I think I’m going to put it down and start reading this one instead.

On Saturday, I convinced Ash to go to the Springtime Tallahassee Jubilee in the Park with me. We met some friends there and walked around, watching some lame tap dancers, being hounded by vendors handing out free crap, and looking at the cool arts and crafts. Mostly we ate. I had a root beer float, an arepa (southern style), and a piece of grilled chicken on flat bread. That was my healthy option. Ash had some Hawaiian Ice, a soft-serve waffle cone, a big plate of fries and a hot dog. Elliot drank a couple beers and got the same chicken as me, and then a chicken kabob that he said he could taste for hours after it was so spiced. I love eating like that at fairs and festivals! The rest of Saturday was kind of a bust because a.) our microwave died Friday night so we all kind of felt at a loss for dinner and b.) Ash was in a reclusive sort of mood.

To clarify: no, we don’t solely use the microwave for cooking; we’re not that lame! But it felt like without it, we had a lot less options. Really, with all the food we’d downed earlier in the day, no one was starving anyway. Oh, and said microwave went kaput Friday night WHILE I WAS USING IT. The little panel inside from whence the wave come began flickering and then it flared up and the thing died. The thing was well over ten years old so I can’t really complain much.

Anyway, I cleaned a ton on Sunday but held off washing floors because it looked like it was going to rain and the dogs always track little paw prints in when it’s wet. Although it didn’t rain and the day turned out to be quite nice. We rented that new animated Beowulf and even though it was pretty good, they certainly took some creative license in how the story went. In the book, Beowulf kills Grendel, then the mom, then time passes and he kills a dragon. In the movie, however, they throw a little plot twist into the story and, although it was compelling, it was NOT what happened in the poem at all. Even though it could have happened, I suppose. Either way, it was a good watch and it ended my weekend nicely.

So, what did you do this weekend? Is anyone else suffering from allergies? Did anyone see movies in the theater? I miss the movie theater. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “The two days in between, books, creative license

  1. When you were talking about what you guys ate at the fair thingy and mentioned Elliot, I thought The Boy. I was like, “Why are they feeding him BEER?!” Then I realized you were talking about your bro-in-law. Silly me… 🙂

  2. Ha ha, well there’s pictorial evidence that could, potentially, make someone think we gave him beer. I’m just waiting for someone to flag that photo as inappropriate.

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