Birthday recap

So, yesterday I left the office around noon or so and headed home to a.) send some writing samples to a potential freelance job and b.) eat meatloaf. I threw together a couple mini loaves the other night while I was making spaghetti and I saved them for lunches. Ash met me at home and dropped me off at the Athena spa and salon where I proceeded to: receive an awesome full body 60 minute massage, an Aveda facial (not to be confused with your average, run of the mill facial), a manicure and then a pedicure. After that, I was shifted to a different woman who shampooed and blow-dried my hair straight, then began the arduous task of straightening it with the flat iron. But my hair looked fantastic afterwards! She then did my make-up and by this time, it was after 7 and Ash had come back to procure me and take me off to dinner.

At home, he had a vase with three orangey-yellow roses and a card. I got dressed and we went to Bonefish. Can I tell you how much I love their food? I had a glass of Cabernet, the calamari, their awesome salad and the special, which was Mediterranean style Atlantic Salmon, with feta and olives on a bed of Jasmine rice. Mmm, so yummy. I have to say, this was a pretty damn good birthday, one to remember. And not because it was anything super special, but the fact that Ash got me pampered, I liked my straight hair and make-up and actually felt confident in myself, and we spent some time together. It was just perfect. Also, I’d like to thank the Boy for going to bed by 8 PM and BIL for staying home just in case he decided to wake up, or something. Which he didn’t.

And today? Today is Friday and that is a good thing. This week somehow got away from me. I meant to upload some more pictures. And I didn’t. I also meant to run on the elliptical. And I didn’t. I meant to spend more time with the boy, and somehow in between chores and birthday, I spent very little time with him in the 3 hours from 5-8. I don’t know how he managed to get his own bedtime to be that early but it he did do it all by himself (which surprises the hell out of me when I think about the 3 weeks mark when he would not go to bed any earlier than 2 F’n AM.) But luckily we have all weekend to play and cuddle and all that good stuff. Barring that he’s actually in a good mood, which he pretty much hasn’t been all week. Thanks, mother nature, for the teething thing.

Anyway, happy Friday.

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