The return + tusks

Vacations are always good. However, you realize as soon as you get back that it was more stressful than you thought and you’re ridiculously glad to be home. Or maybe that’s just me but I know that as I walked in the door yesterday, a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders. The trip was good all in all; drove down to O-town Thursday afternoon. Elliot was decent about half the way and the other half he cried and thrashed the best he could in his car seat. I just don’t know what to do for a 6 month old baby in the car. He has a toy on there and I was playing music. Just entertain yourself for once, geez!

But he was fine once we got into town. Friday morning my mom and I went to: get me a hair cut, show the boy off to my dad’s co-workers, and to Babies R Us, where my mom proceeded to spoil my child rotten. Ok ok, we didn’t buy that much stuff. We got on the road to Palm Beach around 1. Again, Elliot was a PITA almost the entire time. I didn’t want to pull a Brittney but I had to hold him in my lap (in the back seat) as to not bring about a full-scale melt down. Please don’t tell the authorities; my dad is a very safe driver. And there’s only so long you can assail your ears to that.

The weekend included some very yummy food (breakfast at a place called the Flamingo, gumbo, ham, random beer tasting, and some tasty salmon), some visiting with family friends, and a lot of just hanging out because, as luck would have it, it rained all weekend long. No beach for us. I should have put Elliot’s bathing suit and hat on just for the hell of it and taken pictures. But I do have some cute pics of him in his churchin’ outfit and his Easter basket. When I get some time later I’ll post them.

Elliot was a bit crankier than normal in the evening hours, as well as running a faucet from his mouth and on Sunday, we saw why: his gum had split where a tooth was about to burst forth. Then on Monday, there it was. He keeps flicking it with his tongue because it must feel so weird to him. I think the one next to it is coming in as well so pics soon to follow!

Back at work today and just taking it hour by hour. All prior worries and concerns have returned: money, job, household chores. But that’s ok; it’s still good to be back in good ol’ Tally.

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