No sleep, upcoming, and a confession

Let’s get this confession out of the way because for some reason, I just feel like telling you all that I like Michael Bolton. I know it used to be a way worse offense back when he was, you know, more popular on the adult contemporary charts and not just known for dating Nicholette Sheridan. But seriously, I love me some Bolton slow love tracks.

ANYwho, have I mentioned yet that my birthday is soon approaching? I don’t like the number I am going to be. It is also the date my son was born and it’s stupid to think that I don’t like his birthday because the number doesn’t appeal to me. But I guess it makes sense that there’s numbers we don’t like, since people frequently ask others what numbers they  do like. I, personally, like the number 84. I do not like 29. And not because it’s close to 30. I don’t worry about aging. Yet. But I am kind of looking forward to my birthday because I think Ash is planning something really nice; he keeps hinting at it. You know what I would really like? A long nap and someone to clean my house.

And on that note, poor Elliot didn’t sleep longer than one and a half hours at any given time last night. He just kept waking up. My daycare woman (with 30 years experience) says that she’s positive that it’s his teeth.  All I know is this: Ash fell asleep with him in the nursery chair around 6:30. Elliot woke at around 7:15 and I played with him until around 8:15 when I had to kick Ash out and put him to bed (he must have just been exhausted) and then I began the arduous task of settling the Boy. He finally fell asleep for good by about 10:15. I got in bed. Was woken up at 1 when Ash came in with the Boy and said he’d been trying to settle him for over an hour or so. I fed him in bed for about an hour (I am not a milk bar, baby) and by 4, I was wide awake. And Ash was ready to go back to bed after 3 hours awake after his long nap. I got Elliot back to sleep around 4:50 but he was up again around 6:15. I just hope tonight is better. I don’t feel the exhaustion just yet but give me an hour or so.

I’m just glad it’s almost Friday, almost payday, and I am looking forward to the weekend: a 5k and a Tupperware party. Can it get any better?

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