Today, and only because it so happens to be a leap year, Elliot can celebrate his six month birthday on the actual day. He was born August 29th at about 9:30 AM. We are 45 minutes away from the the moment when the boy will have been on this earth, in our lives, for six entire months. That sounds like a small amount. He has been here for 182 days. 4368 hours since that moment when mom and baby finally got in sync and he plopped out into daddy’s arms. Let me tell you just how much a baby can change in 182 days.

For one thing, he’s finally starting to sit up. He can sit, unassisted, for about ten seconds. That is, until he gets all excited and flails his arms, sending his balance out of whack and his body careening towards the floor, always to the right. But he definitely understands the concept now; he straightens his back and will put out his arms when he begins to topple. I don’t know if the Bumbo had anything to do with his sitting ability but he will happily sit there for minutes at a time and not even fuss. He mostly likes when we set him in a room with the dogs and he can watch them play. He is ridiculously interested in what they’re doing and will even reach out to pet them.

In terms of his sleeping and general behavior habits, he naps like a champ at daycare but on the weekends, he doesn’t seem to want to miss what’s going on. He’ll no longer fall asleep in his car seat while we’re at dinner, which was so nice for us for a while. But he’s not fussy; he just wants to see what we’re doing at the table. He cannot be lulled to sleep by the little knee jiggle and pacifier combo. In fact, he doesn’t need or really even have interest in the a “binky” much at all. Which makes me sort of happy, actually. His bedtime routine has always been the same but within the last couple weeks, he has been exhibiting sings of sleepiness earlier and earlier and I have obliged by starting the wind-down process earlier. Last night, I fed him at 8:40 and he was out like a light at 9:05. And you know what else? He slept until 4. That is amazing! Right before I went back to work, he was averaging 5-7 hours a night like clockwork and then, suddenly, we were back to waking every three hours and I was seriously sleep deprived. I began falling asleep in the chair while feeding him and I was spending more time sleeping in the recliner than my own bed with my husband!

We’re still swaddling but most nights his arms break free after a couple hours.

He has found his feet and will often suck on his toes in lieu of his fingers.

His drool flows like a waterfall from his mouth; teeth are just under the gums.

His umbilical hernia is basically healed.

On the weekends, his mid-day meal is oatmeal. During the week, it is rice, given by our daycare woman.

His new favorite thing to do is reach out and pull our faces towards him. Then I snorgle his neck and he giggles like a madman.

I can’t believe how much more interactive he has become and how (knock on wood) easy it is now. Sure, it’s still stressful and at times, tedious, but he’s so much better than those first six weeks. I love him more than I could ever imagine loving anything; my heart bursts at the seams when I see him, when I can make him laugh. When I call his name and he turns towards me, shooting me that huge smile, I melt. I am a puddle of mom on the floor. He is my little Elly Belly, my Leetle, my Boy.

Happy six months, Elliot!


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