What morning smells like

The wind must be out of the South today because Tallahassee smells like paper mill. If you’ve never smelled a paper mill, well, it’s sort of like glue and that eggy smell of sulfur water. And if you’ve never smelled sulfur water, well then, you must live in a place where your sprinklers don’t suck water from wherever it is that the nasty sulfur water comes from. Perhaps the aquifer? I’m not too keen on all that stuff. Now I just sound stupid.

Anyway, the last 4-5 days at work have been ridiculously uneventful. Normally, people are around, having problems with students or making copies or doing something, anything. But I’ve been relatively alone over here in my little alcove. Another reason I am on the job hunt. Everyone knows that the person in this position doesn’t stick around forever. I just want to start putting out feelers now in hopes of something, you know, maybe for Fall. I’ve sent an email to the English department Chair at The Maclay School to get myself out there; let her know what my background is. They offer such great course in their upper school, including a writing workshop. Hi! Pick me pick me! I’ve taught writing for years and I have a MASTERS in Creative Writing. Half their staff doesn’t even have anything higher than a BA. This job would be so awesome. I don’t want to get too excited about it but just thinking about teaching writing makes me feel all giddy.

I’m also working on my Wreck This Journal today. I picked up this cool fish sticker near the fountain for my page of found items so that’s pretty cool. I’m also documenting everything I consume today, in little drawings. Some may say I have too little to do; I say that I am exercising my creative side.

Nothing else of importance to report. I’m ready for lunch.

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