Calculating the postage to Borneo

Elliot has been downright rotten the past couple of days. Ok, well, I’ll give him the 30 or so minutes – combined – of smile time; of “yes, you can lay me on the bed and I will happily coo and chew my fingers” time. But otherwise, he’s been fussy and feisty, not satisfied, drooly, spitty, squirmy. He’s either trying really hard to come down with a cold or his gums are about to burst forth with an incisor the size of an arrowhead. I mean, this kid is fired up!

The daycare woman made sure to tell me that when she relates to Ash in the afternoons that Elliot has been particularly grumpy, she isn’t complaining in any way, shape or form. It’s her job and she knows that, but she wants us to know how he’s been feeling. This makes me feel even better about that place.

Last night was an utter mess of an evening – the details I will not divulge here – but suffice it to say that Elliot didn’t sleep well and it was probably due to his ridiculous baby intuition and he could feel the stress and tension in the house. News to you kid: that’s what life is all about.


I didn’t bother trying to get to work on time today. Subsequently, I was only 3 minutes late. Not bad considering I just didn’t give a crap whether I made that light or took my time ordering coffee. Just like I didn’t give much thought to my wardrobe: I’m wearing jeans and an FSU sweatshirt. I look like scum but I am comfy and when I know I’m coming down with something (runny nose, cough) that’s all I care about. Of course I’m getting sick, why wouldn’t I? I never get conventionally sick, like The Flu or something. I’ll get run-down or out of sorts but never just A Cold. But I was sick at Christmas and now that my mom’s coming into town, there I go again.

So today is all vitamins and water, rest and hand sanitizer. Try to ward off this impending funk. But luckily it is already Thursday, the rain is clearing up, and I’ve got a cheese danish. Things are looking up.

2 thoughts on “Calculating the postage to Borneo

  1. I drink E-mergen-C, a vitamin C supplement and I am taking that Zicam stuff, which I hear is just as good but Airbone was a teacher’s creation, so to me, more reputable. 🙂

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