Binkies, mirrors, underrated movie

So, I refuse to call it anything but it’s technical term – the pacifier – but they do work at night when he’s being particularly cranky. He doesn’t quite have the whole suck to keep it n your mouth yourself concept down just yet. We mostly have to hold it there until he fall asleep. I wish we hadn’t resorted to it because there’s nothing worse than, say, a four year old with a stupid “paci” in his mouth but we will break Elliot of any habits that may for long before preschool.

Secondly, he finally saw himself in the mirror this morning. His papasan has this little convex mirror and for the entire duration of my shower (AND I had to wash my hair) he stared at himself, saying little things here and there. In fact, right now he’s laughing at himself in the mirror. I laugh when I see you too, buddy.

** Possible movie spoilers ahead**

I keep catching both Cars and Mr. and Mrs. Smith on TV. I think both are fairly good in their own right but somewhat unappreciated.  I know Cars did well as a kids’ movie but the story is more for adults; the story of a small Route 66 town where good wholesome people live, now bypassed by the interstate. Hot shot guy comes in and realizes the good things in life, how to slow down. I really think it’s a great movie, regardless if the lack of actual people.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is simply a funny story. To me. It’s far-fetched: that two married people could work for opposing companies in which everyone’s an assassin. But it’s sort of endearing the way the characters interact. Priceless moment: once they team up and Brad’s singing Air Supply in the minivan. Too funny.

Anyway, today’s the last day of NaBloPoMo so I may not blog as often. When I go back to work, it will be infinitely easier to keep up with both my blogging and my online class. For now, I’m going to enjoy my last month home with little Elliot.

3 thoughts on “Binkies, mirrors, underrated movie

  1. I liked Mr. and Mrs. Smith because I didn’t take it seriously — it’s a popcorn flick, and sometimes they are fun to watch. Plus there are some cute lines.

    Are you going to see the Golden Compass?

  2. I enjoy Mr. and Mrs. Smith b/c of their interaction too. One of the best parts is definitely in the minivan. Great…I’ve got an urge to watch it now.

    When I saw Cars, I wasn’t too impressed though…

    Daniel Craig is enough incentive for you to go to a movie theater, that’s obvious. 🙂

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