Holiday Recap

I don’t know why but I was ridiculously tired, even on vacation. Not tired like when I was pregnant but a general sort of sleepiness. And it was NOT all the turkey as I really didn’t eat that much. So here’s a brief sort of rundown of the trip:

I saw a butterfly :


Mom made a turkey:


We took some family photos:


I went to Ikea:


And there was, of course, the obligatory obscene amount of food for which I feel guilty for ingesting. Elliot was quite behaved for a 3 month old baby in a car and passed to and fro amongst the family. However, now that he’s home, he’s being pretty finnicky.

Fall appeared to have come and gone while we were away; my yard is a freaking mess and it’s all cold and overcast. Although the rest of the week calls for warmer temps. But you know, it’s still good to be home. How was everyone’s holiday?

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