What brings you here?

Sometimes I am entertained by the smallest, silliest things. Here are a few of the latest searches that brought people to my site: “i dont like adjectives”, “ass boy”, “See you in Canada”, “how to have a good time grocery shopping”, and “grouper throats”. I thought maybe I’d address a few, as if that person typing from their undisclosed location were actually asking me about these topics.

I don’t know why or how you could dislike adjectives. I could see adverbs, because they’re all pretty similar and annoying to boot, but adjectives open up a whole new realm of descriptive language! The key to having a good time while grocery shopping is to go to the mini fridge section by the registers and get yourself a bottle of your favorite soda. Then stop by the candy section and, if your store is like my Publix, drop a dime in the little good faith box and get yourself a piece of candy. Now, get all the boring foodstuffs in your cart first and save the fun things for last, like picking the perfect bunch of bananas and finding a really meaty steak. Take your time, enjoy being out of the house. Grouper throats are particularly tender and have a sweeter taste than the rest of the fish. If you can get past the fact that you have to hold the fin and it still looks like a fish, than you’re golden.

Ok, that was pretty fun. I did a lot of laundry today, made lunch, and a dessert, and all the while watched football. Somehow I don’t feel like I accomplished a lot, even though I know that’s hogwash. Maybe it’s this whole days getting shorter thing that’s making me semi-depressed. I think I need a new hobby.

4 thoughts on “What brings you here?

  1. Basically if you eat fish, grouper throats are harmless. My neighbours go fishing in the gulf a lot and invited me over to try them. Quite tasty. And personally, I’m not sure I’d try cow tongue.

  2. No – I do not eat fish, It is the texture that ruins it for me. I dont eat cow tongue, tripe or hoof myself 🙂

  3. I’m not too keen on those other things either. I like fish but end up eating mostly chicken or beef, even though I don’t care much for beef either. But it’s all my husband will eat so it makes things easier.

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