Support your breasts

The past two days, I have gone to a couple breastfeeding support groups. I was reluctant at first simply because we’re not really having any problems (if you don’t count last night where he screamed and cried after an hour long feeding, ate some more and then spit it all up, all over my shorts). But in the Grand Scheme, I don’t have sore nipples or a kid who won’t eat or can’t latch on, etc. But I wanted to get out and meet people, so that’s what I did.

The first group was… not necessarily organized the way I thought it would be. What it really is, is a large brightly colored room with mostly uncomfortable desk chairs, two squishy armchairs, and one big couch, where moms sit around feeding their babies and chatting. It’s pretty much every man’s dream as there are more boobs than any man’s eyes could handle. I chose not to feed on day one since Elliot wasn’t hungry and it’s only an hour, he can make it. But I did strike up a conversation with the girl next to me and that was pretty good. What I did get out of that group was some info on their upcoming breast cancer 5k I now plan on participating in.

The second group, which meets Tuesday and Thursday, is run by the woman who taught my childbirth class. She has a guest come in each day and they talk about different things. Yesterday the woman tried to sell us on baby wearing which I am not really against… I just don’t believe that if you don’t have your child next to you 24/7 that they will grow up to have problems. Think of all the children of your generation whose parents let them cry it out sometimes; some of them turned out ok, right?

But anyway, I’ll probably keep going to the meetings just to have something to do, some place to go where it’s ok if your baby cries. Plus, I might actually meet some new friends. Wouldn’t that be nice?

6 thoughts on “Support your breasts

  1. you deserve a “Hang in there” also. They dont tell you in parenting classes that friends change when babies are born! HI! I am Hollie, friend to Erica, Humnaities BA from Rollins, mom to Nicholas, Chloe and Riley. Riley is my breast baby right now. He is a nurser, and at the rate he is going I feel like it could be FOREVER before he lets me have my boobs back ๐Ÿ™‚ I am not complaining, I dont have engorged breasts or sore nipples, but at 18 months I am a little tired of him waking up to nurse at night at 5am… Couldnt he just a wait two more hours..
    Sorry – i tend to ramble… but Hi… would you like a new internet friend?

  2. Hollie is an internet stalker! : jk

    That was something I was going to ask you about Claire (the friends when you become a parent thing). Have you noticed that things have changed?

    I am just curious. Being that I am one of the few women I know that doesn’t have a kid – well parent priorities are different from mine, so I am always interested in their reactions to their new situation.

  3. E – is also one of the few people that dont get weirded out by kids and realize that people have responsibilities that are not like hers… She is a unique friend. albeit a dork sometimes.

  4. Hollie – Hi! I could always use more internet friends, especially the kind who can shed light on similar adversities. Ok so breastfeeding isn’t really an adversity but having a kid is pretty different!

    E – yes, I have noticed that some of my friends are less involved now. A lot still ask how he’s doing and all but they’re in the background now. We’re having dinner with some friends tonight who don’t have kids but still want to hang out. Those friendships are the ones I am trying to nurture right now. Oh and of course, ones with new moms.

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