Ooh La La

Man is it hot here today.

Speaking of hot, I have been invited to a Passion Party. (No links, I’ll let you look it up for yourself). But basically, it’s like a Tupperware or Pampered Chef type affair except the woman hosting it is actually hocking sex toys. I have a friend who has been to one before (and spent a good deal of money) so I may invite her along, IF I decide I want to go.

I’m not sure how I feel about losing my anonymity when buying said items. With the internet, no one knows that the brown box sitting on your porch in the afternoon contains all manner of lubrication and molded jelly things shaped like larger than life appendages. At a party, where women get together and are probably fed finger foods and soft drinks before being persuaded by a smooth talker into purchasing these ultra-necessary bedroom accouterments, it just seems to cross some sort of boundary. At the same time, I think it might be sort of funny to gawk at the women who are serious about buying that stuff right then and there; the ones who are trying to get their husbands to be more adventurous or who simply want to experiment themselves. I’ll keep you posted as to whether I attend or not. It’s on June 23rd.

5 thoughts on “Ooh La La

  1. i’ve been to a passion party before. spent $60. it was fun. kind of an eye-opening experience….like having a porn store in your living room. it’s not nice to gawk though….almost like making eye contact with someone buying midget porn. the real laughter comes from all the devices, creams, gels, etc that are being sold. the stuff they come up with….

  2. well if i happen to stop by your house and there’s an unmarked box at the door…

    let’s just say i have an overactive imagination and often wonder why i never took up fiction writing.

  3. Any unmarked box at my door could be a number of things, mostly boring like computer parts or freebies from baby sites. I’m just not that mysterious. Or AM I?

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