Oh how I do love you, Friday

I didn’t notice it when I bought them but these 4 pound free weights with the neoprene coating… stink. I mean, seriously, they smell something fierce. I might need to come up with some sort of wrapping I can put on them so when I work my triceps in my office, I don’t have to run to the bathroom in dire need of soap each and every time. ::Shudder::

I’ve done some work today but not the kind of work that they pay me for. It was all personal tasks.

And now, for a change of subject: a lament.

I was thinking today about my former life. Well ok, more like my college and early grad school life. We still went out. We went to clubs on occasion but more importantly, we attended house parties. I was never what you’d call a “heavy” drinker but there would be months in which 3 out of the 4 weekends would be spent pumping Miller Lite from a keg situated in the dewy grass beside an inflatable pool filled with ramen noodles.

3-4 times a year, my husband and I hosted big parties where the benchmark for “good” was the number of people passed out in the yard, mumbling incoherently. I have to admit, even in our mid-twenties, we threw some rockin’ parties.

Of course, we all know that eventually we outgrow certain aspects of our life. I haven’t – obviously – behaved like this since becoming pregnant. I think back to slides my grandparents showed me when I was a kid of parties they had when my mom and aunt were in their elementary years. They looked like pretty awesome get-togethers. Perhaps not on the same scale as my youthful all out drunken bashes, but I keep hope alive that we’ll be able to still gather people and have a good time, even when there are kids in our lives.

Anyone else feel like this sometimes, regardless of kids?

2 thoughts on “Oh how I do love you, Friday

  1. That feeling is sort of where Jess and I are at because we’re coming to the point where we know we want kids and know that we want them in 3 years. So we feel this tremendous pressure to live it up before have a child changes the focus of everything. We still feel like big kids and don’t want to grow up. Being a big kid is fun!

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