Not an all-too important entry

I’m… parched. I didn’t bring my normal bottle of water. It was a decision I made last minute. I thought to myself, “Self, you don’t need that paltry 16.9 ounce bottle when you could go spend a mere $1.29 and get an entire liter of water!” So that’s what I’ve got to do… as soon as I muster the energy/will-power to leave my desk. I know that sounds lame but I didn’t sleep that well last night. I was hot and uncomfortable, even though the Snoozer pregnancy pillow actually does help support this growing belly. Todd must have thought Ash would be coming to bed any time because he kindly stuck to the middle of the bed, instead of taking up the entire right side, which he could have done. Ugh. Dogs, what do they know about bed courtesy?

Baby kicked me for about an hour this morning while I sat here and checked my various sites. That half of a blueberry bagel with minimal peanut butter must have really given him an energy boost. Someone said to me yesterday they think he’s going to be big. Uh I hope not. Last week sometime, I had only gained 10-11 pounds. Suddenly now, I am up to 15-16. Hmm, I guess I won’t get too worried because they say all women gain their weight at different times. I’m actually aiming for only 25 pounds but it may just not be in the cards for me. My mom gained 52 pounds with me and she was 110 when she started; wow!

Seems like I had a lot more going on yesterday morning but I have brought my newest FitPregnancy magazine and Dr. No, so I have plenty to do. I’m off to read, people.

4 thoughts on “Not an all-too important entry

  1. I drink water constantly and bought this happy little jug (it holds 1 liter) that I bring with me everywhere. I was constantly mocked at Rollins because I didn’t buy the Smart Water (wtf?) or Dasiani in those easy to carry little bottles. Just think of all the money I saved! I don’t know why I am rambling about that…just seemed appropriate.

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