Pass the meme, please

Mac was tagged in a “7 random things” meme and I’m going to do it as well, as I wait for a call from a woman in benefits because maybe, just maybe, she might be able to answer me some questions about Family Medical Leave.

1.) I took gymnastics until I was about 13 years old. I really loved being athletic and competing but by the early teen years, they start grooming you for the Olympics and my heart just sort of fell out of it.

2.)  When I was a kid I hated Barbie dolls. For my fourth birthday, a girl gave me one as a present and I threw the box at her.

3.) I first shot a rifle when I was 11 years old. The recoil was frightening, along with the sound but it was an exhilarating experience.

4.) In the 2nd grade, I wrote my first short story, based on the Beatles’ song “She’s leaving home.” My mom still keeps it in a manila envelope with various awards I have won.

5.)  I despise lima beans. I can honestly say it’s the only food I hate with a burning passion.

6.)  I read “Catcher in the Rye” three times in a week and a half when I was a freshman, in the dorm, before my roommate came. My TV broke and all I had was an old radio with one station and Holden Caulfield.

7.) When I daydream, I keep thinking about mornings in the upcoming Fall, when I can sit on my deck with a piece of peanut butter toast and hot tea, with my little Elliot in his carrier beside me, just enjoying the outdoors and the quiet.

2 thoughts on “Pass the meme, please

  1. I read all of Salinger’s stories in the span of a week when I was a sophomore. I had recurring dreams of Seymour Glass for a month and started abusing the Jesus Prayer, despite Zooey’s warning, because I liked the way the words felt in my mouth.

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