Thank you for calling India – er I mean – Dell

There are a lot of little quirky things about being pregnant that I could notice and/or write about. But the one that’s getting to me is the fact that I am losing weight… from my wrists. I can feel more bone, muscle and veins in my wrists more than ever before. When I was a fat-ass, about 3-4 years ago, I couldn’t get my fingers around my wrists. Then I lost a bunch of weight and they’re suddenly a normal size. I can only fathom that my body just somehow inherently loses weight from this area first, and perhaps too that I am not getting enough extra calories for the baby, so it’s pulling energy from there. Hey, self? Can you pull from my hips and thighs next? That’d be great, thanks.

It’s 8:30 and I haven’t done a lick of actual work. I have to run upstairs for some envelopes to finish a mailing project but other than that, the highlight of my day will be the Staff Appreciation lunch at one. We’re going to Kool Beanz and I have always wanted to eat there. I’m looking forward to it too. And you can’t ever be too sad about free lunches, right?

Um, I just checked my bank account and, for some reason, Xm radio charged me about 30 bucks. Is that because they didn’t charge me for a month prior? It should only be 15 bucks a month!! I hate talking to automated phone systems; gimme a goddam real person. Oh great; I got a real person but her accent is so thick I have to keep asking her “what? say again?” Please, people, when will you learn that outsourcing is a mistake? Ok, problem solved: because I took advantage of a 3 month promotional thing for, like, 4 bucks a month, they charge me now for 2.5 months at a time. Which is fine; pay me now or pay me later, but that wasn’t explained to me when I signed up. Damn corporate businesses. I wonder what it will be like when XM and Sirius finally merge. My rates better not go up, I tell you that much.

Well, I whined long enough so I’m off to do some work. Happy Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Thank you for calling India – er I mean – Dell

  1. How happy are you with your XM radio? Do you get NPR on those things? Jessica wants one, but I’m not all on board yet.

  2. we probably get NPR on one of the stations but since Tally has a pretty good station for it, I don’t use it. Check out their website and see.

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