Does this make me a bad person?

As you may recall in this entry, I have rather irresponsible neighbours. Well, yesterday I met a breaking point. I was not in a good mood anyway and I was feeling very obstinate about, well, everything. I called the pups in from outside, around 9 AM or so and for the 3rd time in roughly 12 hours, I had to clean cat shit out of their mouths. I know that this is innate behaviour for dogs but I look at it this way: I don’t own any f’n cats so why must I deal with this? I was so frustrated that I called animal control. Except they aren’t open on the weekend. I mustered the courage (because now, of course, I’m chickening out) to call animal control just now but I’m inside city limits and I have to call this other number. I haven’t done it because now I feel bad.

Basically, they’ll set a trap and when it’s full, I have to call them. I’m worried that a.) the neighbours are going to know it’s me and b.) something else will get caught in there. I rest assured that they’ll at least try to socialize them and then put them up for adoption but honestly, I really don’t like stinky piles of cat shit in my yard, on my deck, and furthermore, if I did, I’d own my own friggen’ feline, you know? I don’t like ethical problems like this. I don’t know if I can handle seeing the cat trapped in there but honestly, when I have a small child in my yard and he/she steps in some freshly created cat refuse, I might just kill one of the fat neighbours. Maybe I am doing the right thing.

8 thoughts on “Does this make me a bad person?

  1. There must be a ton of cats out there – usually cats are discreet about where they go (and they tend to cover it up afterwards).

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