Taking it one hour at a time

Ugh. Killer headache. Want to lay down and ignore world. Trying to feel better. Planning my escape after lunch. Maybe.

But first, I have to write about the copy room. I know that sounds riveting, doesn’t it? Basically, I am in charge of this copy machine that is for all graduate students in English and some faculty member use it too. It’s not a difficult job but some people are so stupid that they can’t use the damn machine. So anyway, last night, I had two separate dreams about the copy room. First, the lights in my hallway, office and copy room were all out but the thing was still jammed. So I was trying to fix it in total darkness while people impatiently waited. Then in the next dream, so many people were waiting to use it but they all wanted me to help them. So I felt on the spot and cramped. This room is just big enough for the machine and one person. In the dream, about 4 people were crowding in there while I tried to work. The dreams basically made me feel ultimate pressure to please people and I woke up feeling exhausted. Damn copy machine.

It’s going to pour down rain any moment now. The pressure is probably why my head is soon to ‘splode. I wish it would just start already. Tomorrow calls for sunny and 77 degrees. How fabulous is that? As much as I like that when it’s cold and clear, the air feels clean and breathable. But I’dmuch rather have sun and 70’s any day.

Ok, so since I feel crappy today. I wish everyone a wonderfully cheerful and healthy day – to balance it out.

5 thoughts on “Taking it one hour at a time

  1. You should pull an Office Space on that copy machine. . . and the folks who friggin’ tear it up.

    The rain that is about to fall there is forecasted to reach here by the afternoon. Our high tomorrow will be 79. I’m already starting to miss winter.

  2. Almost everyone in my office becomes hysterical when the copy machine beeps at them or flashes an error. I’ve watched them scrached their heads, puzzeled by the magical machine. But then the scream .. “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrriccaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! SomethinswrongwiththecopierandIneedtomakeacopyrightnow!” I get very annoyed when my slacking is interrupted by a persnickety copier.

    Stupid machines.
    And I love office space…..

  3. It’s been – knock on wood – very well behaved today, as have the users. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes. For now, I am going to Fresh Market for some roasted chicken and potato salad. Mmm, a treat.

  4. Ugh, I am so sick of copy machine drama. I have first block planning, which is terrible to begin with, but then there’s this one chick who has to be an over-achiever and do her planning a week in advance. And she makes copies for 3 classes for an entire week all at one time – during 1st block. For instance, she had a packet of 18 pages x 65 copies. I was pissed. She was completely oblivious to the line of teachers out the door who had to do their planning for the next class. She’s done this twice. If it happens thrice, there will be blood. And it won’t be mine.

  5. You know, as much as I used to want to teach high school, I am starting to think it’s not for me now. But really love reading about it from you; I can sort of live vicariously.

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