Morning entry – take two

Let’s try to recreate what I so craftily put together before. Ok, here goes nothing – (deep breath and go!)

I had one terrible dream last night. I’m not kidding; it completely freaked me out. These possessed people kept coming in and out of my office and one was a young boy in what looked like the shirt of one of the chipmunks – you know, Alvin, Simon, Theodore – and he kept trying to get me to look into his eyes, which kept getting bigger, more gaping and black. I remember jabbing my fingers into his huge eyes, as if trying to remove the evil that lie within the cavernous spaces and eventually, I ripped off his eye sockets as well as his nose. UGH.There was a lot more violence and gore but I can only render vague images now. Which is good because I sleep alone tonight.

Ash leaves around lunchtime for a conference in Daytona. I really don’t like when he travels but he doesn’t have to do it all that often. The days will probably go by pretty quickly: I have an eye appointment this evening and then I will either make soup or pick up Japanese, on Tuesday evening I am meeting a friend for coffee and on Wednesday, I plan on climbing. Ash will be home that night.

In totally unrelated news, I am very glad to see the Colts going to the Superbowl. I really enjoy seeing well-coached, talented, deserving teams beat less deserving teams. With that said, I will probably now proceed to piss some people off, and I don’t care. I hate the Patriots and I hate all the assholes in America who like them just because they win. They have some shitty-ass players on their team: Tom “I think I’m hot shit” Brady, Reche “I have the biggest boob-eyes in the world” Caldwell, and Kevin “Worst player in the NFL” Faulk. Not to mention cheaters like Vrabel and Bruschi. A couple weeks ago the cameraman caught Bruschi kicking the ball to get the first down before the chains were set. On tv people! They exposed ’em and you still cheer for them?? What made it even worse was when Troy “I played for the dumbass Cowboys” Aikman saw the footage he said that “they are a smart team.” There goes sportsmanship right out the window, America. I am super happy that the Colts finally made it to the Superbowl and I don’t even care who wins; I like both teams and I’m just reveling in the Patriots loss. What a way to start my week!

The dogs’ playdate was quite successful and I will upload pics later. For now, you can watch this video of them playing with a ball. Mine are in there somewhere but it’s hard to distinguish with all that black and white! Doggies.

Alright people, I am off to file and waste for time until lunch.

3 thoughts on “Morning entry – take two

  1. I like the colts but I fucking hate Manning. Therefore, I think I’ll root for da bears.

    And say what you want about the Patriots… I dislike the team, but you’ve got to respect them… they win for a reason, and it’s not because of things like kicking the football forward of the first down line once in a blue moon.

    And Tom Brady? Come on now… that guy is CLUTCH. He IS hot shit.

  2. He’s a whiny bitch. You can see it when he fails… he yells at everyone around him. Maybe he’s gotten better this year (haven’t watched him) but he’d always get upset and start being pissy towards teammates whenever anything went wrong, from what I’ve seen.

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