We’re not going to talk about time because we don’t want to jinx it! It’s cold this morning with a wee bit of wind. The weekend is looking quite cold and I look forward to my mom complaining about how cold Tallahassee is and then when I remind her of how she lived in Maryland for a long time, which is way colder than anything Tally ever sees.

When I got home yesterday I cleaned… a lot. And yet, I am still not finished. But that’s ok; I’m a perfectionist when it comes to the state of my home. So that’s what this afternoon is for. But hopefully, since Ash is home today (he was going to camp out for a PS3 but he didn’t) he’ll at least blow off the back deck and throw some laundry in. 🙂

On my way in to work, I thought of something to add onto my “to know me” section so if you want, check it out. I am going to work on some online english class stuff and get some tea. Happy Friday, peoples!!

On the agenda:

3 thoughts on “Fry-day

  1. I like the little notes, too–especially the WCW parody. It’s starting to get to what I call cold here in Gainesville–lows in the thirties over the weekend and into next week.

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