Early morning Wolvie on the brain

I was reading Eil’s journal and she came across the motherload of Wolverine pics. So I was getting a bit reminiscent of when I kept folder upon folder of pictures, not just of comic chars of course, but of all those celebs I had school-girl crushes on. One time, a roommate of mine reloaded my computer for me (this was before I had built my own, which led me to learn how to wipe a machine) and somehow, he lost a lot of my stuff. I lost big ol’ folders with endless pictures of: George Clooney, Hugh Jackman, Goran Visnjic, among others. I’m talking huge-ass folders here people. And, since I am reminiscing, I’ll also be honest: I used to be in a yahoo group where I got a couple of pics every day of… Justin Timberlake. It was a phase – shoot me. (It was also about 4 years ago) But all that was gone. And, somehow, I managed to lose the heart or will to recollect all that stuff. Today, I have a few small folders left with miscellaneous stuff. One has about 12 Johnny Depp pics, some George, Wolverine/Jubilee stuff, Gambit, and maybe a few Jake Gyllenhaal. But that’s it. Just a testament to the fact that someday, we outgrow our ways.

I am working on making a page of pics to supplement this entry but for some reason, I cannot link to a page I create without having it show up in my sidebar. So I’ll keep working on it and let you know.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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