Wekend recaps are fun

Well, Saturday was a blast. We test drove a couple Elements and I think I’m going to end up getting an ’07 EX. BUT, tomorrow I go into the Credit Union to figure out the loan and I need to call our salesman to talk about availability. I can’t remember if he said one was coming in in 7-10 days in my color/style. I’m way stoked though. After we left the dealership, I could barely contain my excitement. Seriously, I think the last time I was this excited was when we bought our house. And before that, our honeymoon/wedding.

We went to Cracker Barrel afterwards – mmm, comfort food – and then to the Pumpkin Patch. (pictures to follow). It was a really great day. The weather was beautiful, we napped in the afternoon, and then, we decided to celebrate our anniversary (today) that night. So, we got ready and headed to Bonefish. I had scallops and shrimp with warm mango salsa and island rice, along with a Robert Mondavi Private Selcetion Pinot noir. Ash had a sirloin, of course, and fries. How boring. But our waiter was really good. We took some pictures but they turned out kind of blurry. Maybe I will post them later. If you imagine you’ve already had 2 glasses of wine, that’s what we’d look like.

I was a wreck today, emotionally. Didn’t feel like going to football. I got up early and went to the store for items to recreate an Outback meal: bread, steak, and potatoes. Well, my first attempt at breadmaking wasn’t so great – it was dense and not so tasty – but the steak turned out great! Almost exactly like Outback. And of course, baked potatoes are pretty hard to screw up. So in the end, I am feeling better. We walked the dogs and now we’re just waiting out the last night of the weekend.

How was your weekend?

(sorry, they won’t center for some reason)



One thought on “Wekend recaps are fun

  1. Bread is a tricky thing. I leave it to the professional. And don’t say you can’t screw up baked potatoes. I’ve done it. Yes, I am THAT special.

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