Begin the countdown

*Note: I wrote this entry at work yesterday but got sidetracked and shut down my computer before publishing. Real smart.

Not much longer now until I head out. I’m probably going to leave at 3 – I only took a half hour lunch anyway. Nothing going on at work… at all. But I am super glad it is Friday. We might climb tonight but I’d be down to just hang out in our PJs, watch a movie, or maybe play some Magic. It wasn’t a particulalry busy week but it felt long.

My parents might be coming up sometime in October. I think we nixed the FSU game idea simply because all the seats that are left are corner end zone – ick. But they might come up just because. Or they might go to Magfest. In that case, they’d stay at our place anyway. It would be cool for them to come right before Halloween, since I’ll have all my decorations up. I might cheat a day and put up stuff tomorrow, even though my rule – to myself – is to start on October 1.

 9/30/06 – As an added note, I went to the Party Superstore and got halloween stuf!

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