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Banned books

Sometimes I remember the little things that just anger me so deeply; this is one of them – the list of challeneged/banned books. These are from the classics list but every year there are new ones. When I was young, I lived in the library. I read everything I could and none of this so-called “controversial” stuff ever affected me to the point where I turned bad. I mean, just because Holden Caufield finds the F word scribbled on a bench does mean I’m going to turn deviant. Does it? I mean, who is that easily moldable? Really now…

It’s the Christian Conservatives, those weird Family groups where families = one man and one woman, and other nazi-like foundations that are narrowing our horizons. If the children of tomorrow don’t read this stuff now, when they get out into the real world, they’re going to seriously encounter some issues. I’m talking serious shock when they’re 21 and first hear the F word or find out what racism is and its history. If we don’t let them read this stuff and learn about our Country’s history, then what are we doing but inhibiting their growth and education?

Thank you. Now go vote for your favorite banned book and tell them why. Vote or die

4 thoughts on “Get you some education

  1. When I worked in a bookstore in Miami, we used the whole display window for banned books and inside of the store we set up a huge table full of The Jungle and Of Mice and Men. The table started a conversation between parents, kids and those of us that worked in the store. I like to think that we illuminated a few people.

  2. The Great Gatsby was a banned book! I didn’t know half of these were even contested. I think if I’m ever a prof somewhere, I’m going to make a special topics class about banned books.

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